Kilwinning Masonic Lodge No. 64 in London, Ontario brought its first members together in a common bond of brotherhood more than ten years before Confederation. Before Canada became a country, Kilwinning became a lodge.

Today, we call the London Masonic Center our home, and meet on the third Friday of the month except for July and August. The London Masonic Center is located at 453 Dufferin Ave. in the heart of London along with other Masonic lodges.

Our membership draws from every walk of life, including lawyers, teachers, factory workers, students, electricians and ministers. We’ve had some brewers in our membership including John Labatt. With roots back to the 1850’s, our register has some occupations not commonly found today: cooper, watchmaker, organ builder, and carriage builder.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about Freemasonry in general, and our lodge in particular. We have a long and distinguished history that we are happy to share. If you would like to learn about our future, please use the Contact Us! feature.


Evolving with the times

From the first meeting in April 1856, the lodge has evolved and changed with the times and interests of its members, at various times running the Kilwinning Bowling League, a Pipe Band, and the Sunrise Service and Breakfast that spanned more than 50 years.

Each generation of Kilwinning masons brings in new traditions. For the one hundred year anniversary of the lodge in 1956, the official officers’ dress was changed to the kilt. Fifteen years later, Scottish Appreciation Night started as an annual tradition. This event celebrates the Scottish heritage of the lodge and continues to this day. (Being conveniently close to Robbie Burns birthday, this is our annual “haggis bash”.)


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